Making her my new Money Maker

I always knew that I could force Daniel into becoming a girl after finding out about his panty fetish. He would have no say in the matter. It was only a matter of a few short months of shopping and harsh training days of walking in heels, and forced-bi cock sucking training that Daniel (now Dani) just realized her true purpose. I also realized that I could take the step of pimping out my new girl and making the extra money I deserved for all the work I put into her. Dani said no to that idea but NO ONE says no to me, especially when I have such detailed photos of them during their training, they’d do anything to keep private. I love the power of being her Pimpstress. Telling her where to be and when or else. I enjoy the money she brings back to me even more I can’t deny that for sure. Dani actually thanks me now for her new life telling me that she feels more popular now than she ever felt when she was a man. Of course, I always knew that would happen, it always happens to my property.